The emergence of bacterial resistance and multiresistance to antibiotics represent a major public health problem in Romania and also in the entire world. In Romania, there is an increasing incidence of infections with bacterial strains highly resistant to antibiotics, whose prognosis is often worsened by bacterial biofilms formed on tissues and biomaterials used in medicine. In our country, the implementation of some alternative strategies for the prevention and treatment of infections with multiresistant and biofilm forming bacteria is less studied, despite their great application potential in biomedicine and their utility in the recovery of the normal microbiota eubiosis state, after antibiotics treatment negative impact on bacterial communities. One of the most viable alternatives is the administration of probiotics products which by administration in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on human organism. For an optimal use of the probiotic microorganisms, the mechanisms by which they work should be better  understood. The selection of an appropriate probiotic strain for its inclusion in a probiotic product should be made on the basis of its capacity to induce an improved host response without modification of the intestinal homeostasis.

The main goal of this project imply complex studies of probiotic strains (lactic acid bacteria newly isolated) and multispecific consortium in order to improve the experimental protocol for the optimal selection of human use probiotics, based on their anti-infective and immunomodulatory activities.


 Work plan


Phase title

Involved partners

Completion date

Expected results


Phase  I - 2012

Complex microbial characterization of newly isolated lactic acid bacteria (LAB) stains


15.12. 2012

Experimental work will allow us to obtain a stock of lactic acid bacteria characterized in terms microbiologic traits


Phase II - 2013

Characterization of probiotic activity of LAB strains using conventional and newly implemented methodology


15.12. 2013

The works included in the second phase will make it possible us to characterize these LAB strains with probiotic potential.


Phase III – 2014

Investigation of the crosstalk between probiotics consortium, epithelial and immune cells


15.12. 2014

Research activities from this phase will allow us to obtain a LAB strains consortium with probiotic effect.


Phase IV – 2015

Assessment of functionality of probiotic LAB strain consortium



To obtain a complex probiotic product characterized in terms of functionality and stability.